Interfaith Resources

We are in the process of organizing our many links to interfaith resources and websites. Here are just some of the items we have gathered through the publication of Bay Area Interfaith Connect.

Books and Calendars 

  • Calendars:
    • MULTIFAITH CALENDAR 2013: THE NATURE OF SPIRIT. The Multifaith Action Society is pleased to present the new 2013 MultifaithCalendar - "The Nature of Spirit," exploring ways we each experience spirit. Available in both printed and electronic versions, the MFC is the leading source of complete and accurate dates, times, and descriptions for 370 + observances and events (including over 180 religious and cultural occasions from 14 world religions). In the US, the calendar can be ordered from Interfaith Marketplace orders@interfaithmarketplace.com Toll free: 1.877.525-8883 www.interfaithmarketplace.com.
    • Multicultural Calendar in Wall, Desktop, and Electronic versions in English, French and Spanish. The calendar includes religious and cultural celebrations for religious and ethnic groups in North America. Printed calendars can include a company logo. For more information, or to purchase, see www.multiculturalcalendar.com
  • SoulJourner
    Patheos Press has published a new book, SoulJourner, by the Rev. Jim Burklo, formerly Campus Minister at Stanford University and now Associate Dean of Religious Life at the University of Southern California. The book “chronicles the adventures of Joshua T. Stoneburner, a young man who went on what he called a ‘souljourn.’ His goal: to have a personal encounter with every faith tradition he could find.” The book is available on Amazon in an e-book edition; there is also a SoulJourner blog at  Patheos with a study guide, a video interview with the author, and an invitation to become a “souljourner” yourself.
  • Muslim Women Beyond the Stereotypes.
    One of the most misunderstood aspects of Islam is the role of Muslim women. Numerous stereotypes and misconceptions exist around the topic, not surprisingly due to the steady flow of negative media reports and the lack of positive or even balanced stories on the subject. In commemoration of Women’s History Month, ING releases a new curriculum for educators that not only addresses common stereotypes, but provides material about Muslim women that is rarely heard in the media, and tells not one, but the multiple stories of Muslim women. Find out more at ING.
  • Understanding Islam: Fifty Questions, by new ICP Board Member Dr. Amer Araim, covers the basic principles and practices of Islam as well as questions on the mind of Americans who are interested to know more about Islam. Dr. Araim is President of the Islamic Community Outreach of California and a member of the Executive Committee of the Interfaith Council of Contra Costa County. He is available to speak to groups. For information or to arrange presentation, please contact islamicoutreach@hotmail.com or 925.934.1794 or PO Box 21, Walnut Creek, California 94597.
  • Muslims and Jews in America: Commonalities, Contentions, and Complexities is an exploration of contemporary Jewish-Muslim relations in the United States and the distinct and often creative ways in which these two communities interact with one another in the American context. Each of the book's sixteen essays discusses a different episode from the recent twentieth and current twenty-first century American milieu that links these two groups together. Written by noted Muslim scholar Reza Aslan and Abraham's Vision co-director Aaron Hahn Tapper. ICP interviewed Aaron Tapper and co-founder Huda Arqob last year.
  • God's Breath: Sacred Scriptures of the World -- The Essential Texts of Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Sufism, and Taoism
    God’s Breath, by John Miller and Aaron Kenedi, gathers together the sacred texts of the world’s major wisdom traditions and presents them with enlightening introductions by noted scholars, leading thinkers, writers and spiritual teachers, including Huston Smith, Karen Armstrong, Reynolds Price, Stephen Mitchell, Marcus Borg, Joseph Campbell, Carl Jung, and the Dalai Lama. God’s Breath is an essential book for students of the world's religions because it gives the reader an opportunity to compare and contrast each text and gain an overall deeper understanding of religion.
  • Golden States of Grace: Prayers of the Disinherited
    A masterpiece collection of photographs of eleven religious communities, each with its own story and challenges. In the book, these unique and disparate religious groups are introduced to the reader through photography, first-person anecdotes and third-person observation as their spirituality, prayer and real lives intersect. Among the groups are communities from San Francisco, Santa Rosa, and San Quentin, as well as others in Southern and Central California. Author and Photographer Rick Nahmias worked closely with the Interfaith Center and Director Paul Chaffee has been an advisor to the project and wrote a foreword for the gallery exhibit. You can get a taste of the project at www.goldenstatesofgrace.com, and read more about Rick Nahmias and the project from the Los Angeles Times.
  • Grace Under Fire
    Andrew Carroll, creator of The Legacy Project, here compiles fifty letters spanning the history of American soldiers at war. What emerges is an account of the importance of religion and faith to Americans under the most stressful of circumstances imaginable from the Revolutionary War to the current war in Iraq. The letters capture the breadth of human existence; soldiers tell anecdotes about comrades and ask about their families, and they also wrestle with existential questions of life and death. They also offer a glimpse of the diversity of spiritual and religious beliefs among Americans throughout this country's history.
  • Helena's Voyage by Paul Harbridge (O-Books, July 2008, ISBN 978184694116).
    Paul Harbridge tells the story of a sick girl named Helena who is taken by an angel on an ancient sailing boat far over the waves. Their destination: three cities that glow as if blessed of God - one Jewish, one Christian, one Muslim. Helena comes to realize that all these good people believe the same divine law - to love God and their fellow man. Text is provided in English, Arabic and Hebrew. Huston Smith remarks, "Helena’s Voyage is very well done. I would like to see it placed in as many school libraries as possible, for it is indeed an olive branch to peace."
  • Interfaith Dialogue and Peacebuilding
    Edited by David R. Smock and published by the US Institute for Peace in 2002, the book includes contributions from Christian, Muslim, and Jewish writers. All emphasize that religion is in fact not usually the root cause of dissention and violence. Interfaith dialogue, these contributors argue, can promote understanding, communication, and reconciliation. The writers use concrete examples from their own experiences in places such as the Middle East, Africa, and Northern Ireland to show both the potential and the limits of interfaith dialogue. Overall, they present a hopeful, if realistic, picture of the application of interfaith dialogue to peacebuilding.
  • Interfaith Curriculum for Peacemaking
    Created by the Abrahamic Faiths Peace Initiative and developed by three learned practitioners of their own religious traditions: Sheryl A. Kujawa-Holbrook, Olga Bluman, and Aziza Hasan. Included are guidelines for leaders and for interfaith hospitality, followed by three sessions each on peacemaking in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, with reflective exercises, background information and suggestions for further reading. It is available both as a pdf file and as a Kindle e-book. See more about the work of AFPI at their website, abrahamicfaithspeacemaking.com/
  • The Interfaith Workbook
    Interfaith WorkbookThe All Faith Center announces the availability of The Interfaith Workbook. This 220 page, 8-1/2” x 11” spiral bound workbook offers any small or large group or class an ‘Easy-to-Use,’ 10-Month Interfaith Program for only $24.95. Explore 40, 1-1/2 hour Lessons, taken from their book The Interfaith Manual, plus interact with lots of auxiliary group material. It is complete with readings, dialogue, questions and interactive exercises and even a 12-Step Peace program. The Workbook is appropriate for local school classrooms grades 5 and above, teen organizations, Interfaith Groups, Seminaries, Churches, Synagogues, Temples, Mosques, Senior Centers and local dialog groups of all types. More information at www.allfaithcenter.org/
  • The INTRAfaith ConversationThe INTRAfaith Conversation
    "I'm worried that I'm betraying Jesus." Elsie L. Many who have been involved in cooperative engagements with people of other faith traditions discover that it is often easier to talk with people of a different religion than it is with the person sitting next to you in your own congregation. In her new book, The INTRAfaith Conversation: How Do Christians Talk Among Ourselves about INTERfaith Matters?, the Rev. Dr. Susan Strouse addresses the challenges that the increasingly interfaith realities of our day present for Christians, and invites reflection on how Christian theology and identity might be shaped by the interfaith encounter. Susan is a long-time associate of ICP, served as the Interim Director in 2011 and is currently Pastor of the First United Lutheran Church in San Francisco. For more about the book and an interview with Susan Strouse, click here.
  • One Heart: Universal Wisdom From the World’s Scriptures
    (Marlowe & Company, 2004).
    This great little book places the scriptures of the world’s religions side by side for comparison on a variety of topics. Look up drinking, for example, and you will see responses from Native American Religions, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Taoism and Confucianism. One Heart is an easy-to-read reference that attempts to illustrate the inherent commonalities across the world religions.
  • Progressive & Religious. In recent years, Americans have become frustrated with the troubled relationship between religion and politics: an exclusive claim on faith and values from the right and a radical divorce of faith from politics on the left. Now a new group of religious leaders is re-envisioning religion in public life and blazing a trail that goes beyond partisan politics to work for a more just and inclusive society. Progressive & Religious draws on nearly 100 in-depth interviews with Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and Buddhist leaders to tell the story of this dynamic, emerging movement. Interviewees include David Saperstein, Michael Lerner, Jim Wallis, Brian McLaren, Rosemary Radford Ruether, Susan Thistlethwaite, Feisal Abdul Rauf, Eboo Patel, Kecia Ali, Surya Das, Robert Thurman, and E. J. Dionne. See also the Progressive Religious Voices podcast listed below.
  • Religious Literacy: What Every American Needs to Know -- and Doesn’t
    Steven Prothero raises the issue of the of religious illiteracy in the United States. Despite the US's role as is home to representatives of the world's major faiths, including Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism, American citizens are shockingly uninformed when it comes to understanding the basic tenets of these religions and the differences among them. Prothero has an article on the subject in the Chronicle of Higher Education: "Worshiping in ignorance"
  • Speaking of Faith
    Krista Tippett, host of the weekly NPR radio show Speaking of Faith (now known as On Being), has written a challenging new book by the same name. She says “I wrote Speaking of Faith, in part, to answer questions that listeners have persistently asked me over the years–how I came to care about large questions of meaning, and how I’m changed by my radio conversations with people across the world’s traditions...my conversations week after week teach me that sacred traditions are among our richest sources for deep thought, creative engagement, and hope in the 21st Century world.” Information about the broadcast, the book, and how to get podcasts is at Krista Tippett on Being.
  • We Declare! Songs, Chants, Dances, and Multimedia Projects
    by Bay Area Musician Merrill Collins presents a unique melding of music, interactive projects, and learning about musical instruments from around the world, all centered on texts from Towards a Global Ethic: An Initial Declaration. The book includes instructions for eight musical experiences, adaptable for participants from children to adults. The music is largely chant and percussion, and there are informative descriptions of instruments, reflections on the Declaration, and a CD with all the music. Available from www.spiralingmusic.com.

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Conferences and Workshops

    ING provides interfaith panels for schools, congregations, civic organizations and more. ING is a 16-year old, non-profit outreach organization that promotes peace, eliminates stereotypes and improves interreligious understanding within our communities. Find out more, and schedule a panel for your location at the ING website, or e-mail info@ing.org, or call 408-296-7312.

    ING is also seeking practitioners of the following religions: Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism and Judaism to serve as panelists. You will receive training and resource materials. Contact the office for more information. 
  • MAKING THE PLANET GREENER - The United Nations has launched a campaign to plant 1 million trees in the coming year. Twelve percent of that number have already been pledged. Join activists around the world to make the planet greener, with fresher air and cleaner water for all! Find details at http://www.unep.org/billiontreecampaign/.
  • NORTH AMERICAN WOMEN OF FAITH NETWORK. Religions for Peace Women's Mobilization Program and Religions for Peace-USA are excited to announce the launching of the North American Women of Faith Network. The North American Women of Faith Network will join Religions for Peace Women of Faith Networks from around the world in building peace, promoting sustainable development and protecting human rights for all. Working groups will be created to develop initial focus, themes and objectives for the network. More information.
  • CAN THERE BE PEACE BETWEEN RELIGIONS? The "Muslim Perspectives on Peacebuilding" Conference was hosted by the Center for Global Peacebuilding at Claremont Lincoln University on October 12-13, 2012. The Opening Plenary panel, moderated by Professor Najeeba Syeed-Miller included Dr. Phillip Clayton of Claremont Lincoln University; Rabbi David Saperstein of the Religious Action Center in Washington, DC; Imam Mohamed Magid, President of the Islamic Society of America; and Dr. Varun Soni, Dean of Religious Studies at University of Southern California. You can see a video of the session on YouTube.

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ICP Sites | Blogs | Calendars | News | Organizations | Podcasts | Social Networking | Other

The Center has additional sites that highlight different dimensions of our work:

    The home of the Interfaith Center is both historical and beautiful. Learn the history of the Presidio Chapel. discover some of its unique features, and maybe even reserve space for a gathering or service.
    Learn the story of the McDonald Windows, created from shards of stained glass collected from damaged houses of worship in WWII by US Army Chaplain Frederick Alexander McDonald. The windows will eventually be incorporated into the renovated Interfaith Chapel at the Presidio. Remembered Light
    At the Interfaith Center's Sacred Space project site, www.interfaithdesign.org, you can find all 160 submissions to the international competition in 2004. The issue: How would you design sacred space where all faiths feel at home? You can read essays from the book about the competition or order a copy for yourself.
    Information for planning and holding your wedding at the Presidio Chapel. www.sanfranciscoweddings.org/

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  • INTERFAITH SOCIETY We live in a global society where faith traditions, religions, spiritualities collide. We need to engage in the space between our faith traditions, so that rather than colliding and fighting, there can be peace. This is what I call the Interfaith Society. - Rev. John-Brian Paprock
  • NAIN BLOG from the North American Interfaith Network. You can subscribe to the blog and be notified whenever a new post appears
  • NEWS & NOTES FROM INTERFAITH SPACE is the blog by BAIC Editor Andrew Kille, focused particularly on interreligious events in Silicon Valley.
  • PROJECT INTERFAITH BLOG. Project Interfaith in Omaha Nebraska www.projectinterfaithusa.org/ sponsors a Blog, where they have recently featured postings from their summer Interns on what inspired them to engage in interfaith work. You can read their reflections as well as other articles at projectinterfaith.blogspot.com.
  • STATE OF FORMATION is a forum for up-and-coming religious thinkers to draw upon the learning that is occurring in their academic and community work, reflect on the pressing questions of a religiously pluralistic society, and challenge existing religious assumptions. Writers for State of Formation will demonstrate candor and respect, and State of Formation's content will reflect the diversity of budding religious and ethical leadership in America and the particular learning that only occurs in religious and philosophical education.

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  • BBC Interfaith Calendar
  • Interfaith Calendar
  • FaithNews - Multifaith News and Events provides updated news on religious pluralism, a calendar indicating religious observances of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism, and brief introductions to the basics of each of those traditions. Links to sources like Wikipedia and Beliefnet allow more in-depth learning. It's a must-have for anyone in interfaith work who uses iPhone or iPad (and it's FREE!).

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Electronic newsletters online continue to be required reading for anyone interested in interfaith work locally and globally:

  • The Pluralism Project at Harvard offers monthly summaries of interfaith news, projects, and opportunities
  • Religions for Peace-USA. The monthly posting of RFPUSA's electronic newsletter is a superb summary of multi-faith news, public programs, and resources.
    ICP was featured in a recent online article by friend and supporter Diana deRegnier at Religion and Spirituality.com. She tells the story of the Presidio Chapel, and about interfaith programs sponsored by ICP. You can find it at religionandspirituality.com.
  • The Interfaith ObserverTHE INTERFAITH OBSERVER.
    The Interfaith Observer, a new e-journal edited by former ICP director Paul Chaffee and drawing on the experience and expertise of over 75 interfaith activists began publishing in September 2011. You can find current and previous issues at www.theinterfaithobserver.org. To subscribe, simply go to the website and fill in the SUBSCRIBE form on the right hand side.

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Bay Area | National and International

Bay Area:

  • Abrahamic Alliance
    The purpose of the Abrahamic Alliance International is to unite Jews, Christians, and Muslims for active peacebuilding and relief of extreme poverty.
  • Bay Area Satsang
    South Bay
    Local chapter of the International Satsang Association, dedicated to breaking down divisions between people of different races, religions, and cultures.
  • California Institute for Integral Studies
    San Francisco
    CIIS offers a number of opportunities for interfaith learning and experience through their Public Programs.
  • Carry the Vision
    Sponsors multifaith, multicultural, non-violence conferences and celebrations in South Bay.
  • The Chaplaincy Institute, Interfaith Seminary
    Berkeley, CA
    The Chaplaincy Institute (ChI - pronouced "Chee") is an interfaith seminary specializing in practical and applied theology. It prepares students for skillful and compassionate service in our spiritually and culturally diverse world.
  • Garrison-Martineau Project
    Offering dialogues between believers and non-believers.
  • Interfaith Council of Contra Costa County
    Walnut Creek
    The Interfaith Council of Contra Costa County is an autonomous local organization committed to supporting the religions and communities of our county.
  • Islamic Networks Group
    San Jose and National
    ING provides trained and certified Muslim speakers for all types of educational and commercial settings. They also offer an Interfaith Speakers Bureau with representatives of the five major world religions.
  • Marin Interfaith Council
    Marin County
    A respectful collaborative — celebrating faith traditions, advocating justice, and building community.
  • Multifaith Voices for Peace and Justice
    Palo Alto
    People from 36 diverse faith communities and traditions saying NO to war and YES to peace and justice.
  • Peninsula Clergy Network
    San Mateo
    Interactive network of clergy leaders in San Mateo and Northern Santa Clara Counties building knowledge, understanding and working relationships. PCN promotes increased interaction between religious and civic leaders and the communities they jointly serve.
  • San Francisco Interfaith Council
    San Francisco
    Bringing "people of different faith traditions together, bringing spiritual comfort at times of crisis, building understanding among various religious traditions, celebrating our diversity, and coordinating services to the citizens of San Francisco."
  • Santa Clara University Interfaith Council
    Santa Clara
    Interfaith student group at Santa Clara University sponsors a variety of events.
  • Saratoga Serves
    Information on service projects in the Saratoga area. Sponsored by the Saratoga Ministerial Association.
  • Silicon Valley Interreligious Council
    Santa Clara County
    Promoting a just and compassionate society in the South Bay.
  • The Interfaith Council on Economics & Justice
    San Jose
    The Interfaith Council on Economics & Justice is an association of over 400 clergy and laity. We address the crisis of working poverty and provide a moral framework for the public dialogue regarding race, religion, economic and social justice.
  • United Religions Initiative
    San Francisco
    Promoting enduring, daily interfaith cooperation, ending religiously motivated violence, justice and healing for the Earth and all living beings.

National and International

  • beliefnetBELIEFNET
    This is a vast portal that covers all sorts of religious matters. For anyone interested in faith and practice from dozens, even hundreds of points of view, will find a rich menu at this portal. www.beliefnet.com
    On March 22, 2012, Karen Armstrong gave a lecture and update on the "State of the Charter" during celebrations of the launch of the Greater Vancouver Compassion Network. You can find a video of the event online at Livestream. For other information about the Charter for Compassion, go to the Charter for Compassion website at charterforcompassion.org
  • CoNexus  
    CoNexus, under the leadership of Joel Beversluis, is the largest distributor of interfaith resources. Joel edited "The Sourcebook," a must-have book for those involved in day-to-day interfaith work. www.conexuspress.com
  • Council for a Parliament of World's ReligionsCOUNCIL FOR A PARLIAMENT OF THE WORLD'S RELIGIONS 
    The 1893 Parliament of the World's Religions initiated the modern interfaith movement, and CPWR in Chicago, keeps the memory and experience of large interfaith gatherings alive today.   /www.cpwr.org
  • DISASTER PREPAREDNESS RESOURCES. The Center for Religion and Civic Culture at the University of Southern California has published two resources for dealing with religious communities under disaster conditions. The Religious Literacy Primer for Crises, Disasters and Public Health Emergencies, and Working with U.S. Faith Communities During Crises, Disasters and Public Health Emergencies: A Field Guide for Engagement, Partnerships and Religious Competency. Both offer useful information about religious communities, and would be helpful even outside disasters.
  • Global PeaceWorks - creating peace among religions through international, interfaith volunteer serviceGLOBAL PEACEWORKS
    Creating peace among religions through international, interfaith volunteer service projects. www.globalpeaceworks.org  
  • GOLDEN RULE RESOURCES. In one of Scarboro Missions’ Golden Rule curricula, they have included a resources section that contains a large list of free Golden Rule resources as well as a listing of useful Golden Rule websites. You can find the list, which includes discussion questions, video, interactive resources, and much more, at www.scarboromissions.ca/Golden_rule/made_of_gold.php#11  
  • GREAT NONPROFITS This website was created to inform potential donors and volunteers about nonprofit organizations and their work. You can research an organization, write a review of one you know, or sign your own group up. It hosts the largest database of first-person stories about nonprofit organizations ever assembled – over 170,000 reviews. These are stories submitted by people -- clients, donors, volunteers and others– who have experienced the impacts of nonprofit work up close. You'll find it at greatnonprofits.org
  • HARVARD TEACHES RELIGIOUS LITERACY. Six religion professors from Harvard University, Harvard Divinity School and Wellesley College are kicking off a free, online series on world religions open to anyone. The courses online at edX, which Harvard University launched with M.I.T. "Through the lens of scriptures, this Religion XSeries will explore how religions are internally diverse, and how they evolve and change as living traditions that impact, and are impacted, by the cultural, historical, and political contexts of adherents." The series consists of six sessions in all, including classes on Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Islam. The cost is $50 per class. See details at the edX website.
  • HINDUISM 101 ONLINE. Hinduism 101 is an interactive, user-driven resource for learning how to teach about Hinduism according to your needs and at your own pace. The Hindu American Foundation has partnered with educators and academics to create these free and accessible educational modules, so that everyone invested in teaching about Hinduism in an accurate and engaging way can do so easily and effectively. You can find the results at www.hafsite.org/resources/hinduism101.
  • INTERFAITH BOOK CLUB. SiVIC, the Silicon Valley Interreligous Council has created the Silicon Valley Interfaith Book Club to provide a venue for the common reading and discussions of books focused on faith journeys taken by individuals of different religions/spiritual communities. They welcome all interested people from Silicon Valley and beyond to participate with us. Our first book will be In Search of Grace: A Religious Outsider's Journey Across America's Landscape of Faith by Kristin Hahn. Find out more at the SiVIC website.
    Founded in Chicago by Eboo Patel, the Interfaith Youth Core builds mutual respect and pluralism among young people from different religious traditions by empowering them to work together to serve others. www.ifyc.org
  • International Interfaith CentreINTERNATIONAL INTERFAITH CENTRE 
    Based in Oxford, UK, the IIC supports organizations and individuals infurthering peace, respect, and understanding between people with different faith beliefs.www.interfaith-center.org
  • INTERSPIRIT ALLIANCE. The Interspirit network system has been supporting interfaith movements (including the ICP and Bay Area Interfaith Connect) since 2002. In today’s rapidly-growing global environment, they have been building new approaches to collaboration, intercultural cooperation and shared understanding. You are invited to become part of the Interspirit Alliance, an alliance drawing on the shared core values of diverse religious and philosophical traditions, the shared ethical implications of those traditions, and a shared commitment to social and economic justice. Find out how at www.interspirit.net.
  • NATIONAL DISASTER INTERFAITHS NETWORK (NDIN) is a national network of disaster interfaith organizations working together to reduce disaster-caused human suffering through the exchange of information and cooperative support. NDIN offers resources of all kinds related to disaster planning and response, including Disaster Tips Sheets for U.S. Religious Leaders which deal with how religious communities can deal with both spiritual and physical care during an emergency. You can register your facility, subscribe to a newsletter, or request information.
  • North American Interfaith NetworkNORTH AMERICAN INTERFAITH NETWORK (NAIN) 
    NAIN is a 15-year-old network of interfaith and ecumenical workers, mostly from Canada and the United States, who meet once a year.www.nain.org
  • ON COMMON GROUND. The Pluralism Project at Harvard University has been studying the changing religious landscape of the United States for 22 years under the guidance of Professor Diane Eck. They have now made one of their key resources, On Common Ground: World Religions in America available free online. On Common Ground is an interactive resource that was previously available on CD. Grouped under categories of "Landscape," "Religion," and "Encounter," the new website explores where religious communities are based, provides descriptive information and histories of traditions, and offers perspectives on how Americans have dealt with religious diversity both historically and today. It's all available at www.pluralism.org/ocg/
  • PLURALISM PROJECT. The Harvard University Pluralism Project just marked their 25th anniversary with an update to their website at pluralism.org/. If you are not familiar with this invaluable source for information about the diverse religious landscape of the US, the history of interreligious encounter, religious communities across the nation, and much, much more, be sure to take a look!
  • PREPARE NY, the coalition of organizations preparing the community for the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, has produced a video titled "We the People" which traces the history of religious conflict and affirmation in the United States. It's well worth a look at the Prepare NY website, and you're invited to share your comments in the ongoing forum discussion.
  • PREVENTING EXTREMISM. The Tony Blair Foundation has published a volume of essays by academic and policy experts in the field of countering religious conflict and extremism. How to Prevent: Extremism and Policy Options offers analysis of the interaction of religion and conflict, education and supporting leaders. Download a free copy from the Tony Blair Foundation website. Also available are reports from the Global Extremism Monitor and a teaching guide for use with young people, Essentials of Dialogue.
    Project Interfaith
    , based in Omaha, Nebraska, has begun a series of video blogs featuring members of the staff and others talking about what's happening and what's important in interfaith work. You can view the videos on their YouTube channel, www.youtube.com/user/ProjectInterfaithusa. You can also link to them through their Facebook page.
    Scarboro Missions, a Roman Catholic Mission organization in Toronto, Canada, has extensive resource files on background and education in the areas of Interfaith Dialogue and the Golden Rule. (Don't miss Paul Chaffee's article about his visit to Scarboro Missions.) They also have an archive of guidelines for interfaith dialogue. These principles and guidelines are useful both for those new to the interfaith movement as well for interfaith veterans. You can find 19 of these documents, many in succinct form, on their website.
  • TONY BLAIR FAITH FOUNDATION. You may have seen the article in Time magazine describing how former British Prime Minister Tony Blair intends to devote the rest of his life to working for peace among religious traditions and in the world. On May 30, he announced the creation of “The Tony Blair Faith Foundation" which " aims to promote respect and understanding about the world's major religions and show how faith is a powerful force for good in the modern world. Faith is vitally important to hundreds of millions of people. It underpins systems of thought and of behaviour. It underpins many of the world's great movements for change or reform, including many charities. And the values of respect, justice and compassion that our great religions share have never been more relevant or important to bring people together to build a better world." You can find more at tonyblairfaithfoundation.org/
    • IS RELIGION GOOD FOR WOMEN? The Tony Blair Foundation sponsored a blog in collaboration with the Washington Post On Faith with a series entitled Is religion good for women? Contributors include Dr. Katrina Lantos Swett (Chair of the US Commission on International Religious Freedom), Isobel Coleman (Senior Fellow and Director of the Women and Foreign Policy Program at the Council on Foreign Relations), and Joan Halifax Roshi (Buddhist teacher, Zen priest, anthropologist, and author) - among many more.
  • US COUNCIL OF CATHOLIC BISHOPS. The office of Ecumenical and Religious Affairs of the United States Council of Catholic Bishops maintains a website with news and documents relating relationships with other religious traditions, both within and outside of Christianity. You can find it at www.usccb.org/seia/.
  • World Congress of FaithWORLD CONGRESS OF FAITH  
    WCF is one of the first and continues among the best providers of interfaith publications.www.worldfaiths.org
  • WORLD INTERFAITH HARMONY WEEK is a UN resolution for a worldwide week of interfaith World Interfaith Harmony Weekharmony proposed in 2010 by HM King Abdullah II and HRH Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad of Jordan. The World Interfaith Harmony Week will fall on the first week of February of every year and aims to promote harmony between all people regardless of their faith. Find out more at their website: www.worldinterfaithharmonyweek.com.
  • WORLDFAITH: INTERFAITH YOUTH. World Faith focuses on changing the system of global peacebuilding, with a focus on the role of faith identity in conflict. World Faith is demonstrating how interfaith youth can not only be an asset in improving faith relations to reduce violence, but can also contribute to global development. This means we are not only changing how interfaith work is being done, but we’re also changing the objective of interfaith work itself. Specifically, we are empowering young people to rise above their religious differences and work together on the most pressing development issues, from poverty and education to public health and women’s empowerment, in the most divided communities in the world. Take a look at worldfaith.org/.

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Interviews and news of interest for Interfaith listeners:

  • GOFORTH ON FAITH: Rev. Stacy Lee Goforth, an interfaith minister who lives in Connecticut, produces an Interfaith Radio Show, GoForth on Faith. Her first interviewee was Ruth Broyde-Sharone, an interfaith activist in Southern California and author of Minefields and Miracles: Why God and Allah Need to Talk.
  • INTERFAITH TODAY: Managed locally by Rowan Fairgrove, a frequent participant in ICP events, this podcast intends to document the wonderful, life-affirming work being done in the interfaith context. Although somewhat out of date, the archive has interesting interviews with local interfaith leaders.
  • INTERFAITH VOICES: An independent public radio show hosted by Maureen Fiedler, Interfaith Voices offers an hour-long discussion on public issues from many different faith perspectives.
  • NPR RELIGION: The weekly podcast is a compilation of stories on religion from several National Public Radio programs like Morning Edition and All Things Considered.
  • ON BEING-.American Public Media's Krista Tippett on Being (formerly known as Speaking of Faith) is public radio's weekly conversation about religion, meaning, ethics, and ideas.
  • PROGRESSIVE RELIGIOUS VOICES, a bi-monthly podcast, features interviews with religious leaders who are "tapping the deep connections between religion and social justice to work on issues like poverty and workers’ rights, the environment, health care, pluralism, and human rights." Interviewees include David Saperstein, Michael Lerner, Jim Wallis, Brian McLaren, Rosemary Radford Ruether, Susan Thistlethwaite, Feisal Abdul Rauf, Eboo Patel, Kecia Ali, Surya Das, Robert Thurman, and E. J. Dionne.
  • SPIRIT MATTERS is a podcast devoted to conversations on contemporary spirituality with experts with a wide range of perspectives: East and West; religious and secular; metaphysical and scientific; philosophical and experiential. Recent episodes have featured Marianne Williams, Mirabai Starr, Rami Shapiro, Rita Sherma and more. Take a look at spiritmatterstalk.com/

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Social Networking sites particluarly focused on interfaith relationships

  • PeaceNext www.peacenext.org PeaceNext was created by the Parliament of the World's Religions and introduced at the Melbourne meetings in December. Members of PeaceNext have access to forums and tools that allow them to share photos and videos, start or join discussions on topics like compassion and the stranger, or the evolution of consciousness. There is a calendar where members can post events, blogs on issues of concern, and gather groups with a common interest, location, or religious traditon.
  • InterfaithingInterfaithing http://www.interfaithing.com/ Interfaithing.com was established in March 2009 in Montreal, Canada. They are an online interfaith community with daily interfaith news, positive news, videos, an extensive interfaith resource and the largest interfaith group directory on the Internet. The site is devoted both to resources and education about the interfaith movement and interreligious organizations, and to interaction among its members through blogs, forums, groups, and calendar listings.
  • LinkedIn: Interfaith ProfessionalsInterfaith Professionals. Among the many groups at LinkedIn, you can find a network of Interfaith Professionals. "This group is intended as a networking and collaboration resource for anyone working to enhance understanding between different faith communities. We hope that members will be receptive to sharing ideas and working together to create a more harmonious interfaith environment."

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  • 100 MULTIFAITH RESOURCES. Living in a multifaith, hyphenated world creates some wonderful opportunities for broadening our understanding of both spirituality and practice. That's certainly what the folks at Spirituality and Practice have discovered in book reviewing over the past decade. This site offers 100 titles that qualify as multifaith resources.
  • 20,000 DIALOGUES is a nationwide campaign designed to bring people of different faiths together using films about Muslims to stimulate discussion and promote understanding. It brings the concept of interfaith dialogue into the hands of ordinary people who want to make a positive difference. To host your own dialogue and film screening, 20,000 Dialogues provides you with resources to lead interfaith discussions. You can choose Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet or Cities of Light: the Rise and Fall of Islamic Spain, two award winning PBS documentaries free of charge. Go to 20,000 Dialogues for details.
  • BAY AREA MUSLIM STUDY. The Institute for Social Policy and Understanding has produced a unique study of the Muslim community in the Bay Area, encompassing some 250,000 Muslims living in the six Bay Area Counties. "The Bay Area Muslim Study: Establishing Identity and Community" was developed by Farid Senzai of Santa Clara University and Hatem Bazian of UC Berkeley and Zaytuna Institute, and was made possible by a grant from One Nation Bay Area. It represents the first close look at the history, demographics, identity, and civic engagements of the Muslim community in our area, along with the challenges ahead. On the ISPU website, you can download the report or look at maps and infographics from the study.
  • CATHOLICS AND INTERFAITH. In January of 2007, Scarboro Missions magazine examined international interfaith activity involving Catholics. This issue could be very useful in introducing Catholics to interfaith activity, especially Catholics who are resistant to interfaith activity. The first article focuses on the interfaith initiatives of the last four popes including Benedict. You may find a few surprises here. Another article reports on the first official forum between Sikhs and Catholics in the United States.
  • CATHOLICS AND MUSLIMS ON MARRIAGE. The Committee for Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Islamic Circle of North America have published "Marriage - Roman Catholic and Sunni Muslim Perspectives,"a 100-page document, which also deals with intermarriage between Catholics and Muslims. The document can be downloaded free of charge.
  • DEFUSING HATE GUIDE The US Holocaust Memorial Museum has worked with fellow Rachel Brown to produce Defusing Hate: A Strategic Guide to Counteract Dangerous Speech. Informed by history and drawing from a range of disciplines—from political science to communications, from marketing to neuropsychology—the guide offers activists, religious and civil society leaders, and their supporters the strategies and tools they need to prevent hate speech that has the potential to influence people to accept, condone, or commit violence against targeted groups. It's available as a free download.
  • DIVIDED WE FALL CAMPAIGN. Pluralism Project Affiliate Valarie Kaur's award-winning documentary film Divided We Fall tells the story of hate violence in the aftermath of 9/11 and explores the question: who counts as American? The story's power has inspired the Divided We Fall Campaign: a grassroots movement to screen the film in every state across the nation during this September 11th anniversary. You are invited to join the Divided We Fall Campaign and host the film and discussion in your community on or near September 15th, the anniversary of the first post-9/11 hate murder of Sikh American Balbir Sodhi. In doing so, you will be joining schools, universities, museums, libraries, houses of worship, government officials, and community centers in deep dialogue about racism, religion, reconciliation and healing in America. Contact tour director Jodi Elliott for details: jodi@dwf-film.com.
  • DOCUMENTARY: Honouring Diverse Beliefs in Our Communities: A Conversational Toolkit is a documentary project that adopts a child-centered approach to responding to diverse beliefs in community. The Toolkit outlines a multi-format workshop designed to engage participants in active learning and dialogue. Produced in Canada, the documentary can be viewed online at vimeo.com/22148547. For more information and to receive a PDF copy of the Toolkit, please contact David Dalley, Production Coordinator at davidanderin@dalley.ca.
  • FAITH & PUBLIC LIFE - A new curriculum for people of faith, Faith Seeking Peace, places biblical texts in conversation with the criticual issues of our day, such as terrorism and national security, federal budget priorities, nuclear weapons, and war. You can download the curriculum at Wand.org.
  • FIRST AID? THERE'S AN APP FOR THAT! The American Red Cross has recently released a free set of apps for Droid and Apple smart phones that will help walk us through common emergency first aid events. It features step-by-step instructions for everyday first aid scenarios; steps to take during an emergency, with 9-1-1 call button; interactive quizzes; videos and animations; safety and preparedness tips and checklists for a range of conditions including severe winter weather, hurricanes, earthquakes and tornadoes; and content that gives instant access to all safety information at any time. The app is free and available for iPhone and Android users. Find the app in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store for Android by searching for American Red Cross.
    This film offers a glimpse of religious diversity on the local level: Fremont, California is a city transformed by new immigration. A rajagopuram rises in a tidy suburban neighborhood, announcing the vital presence of the Hindu community. The diversity of the global Buddhist community is also in evidence, as Thai, Chinese, and Burmese temples - and a women’s monastic retreat center - dot the landscape. Fremont is home to Peace Terrace, where Muslims and Christians have built side by side, and Gurdwara Road, where a large Sikh community engages in creative forms of outreach. Through civic engagement and interfaith action, strangers have become neighbors in this American city. Yet Fremont has also faced real challenges, especially after 9/11. When Alia Ansari, a Muslim woman, is murdered, some wonder if it was a hate crime: Was she killed because of her headscarf? How will the wider community respond? Produced and directed by Rachel Antell and Elinor Pierce, and narrated by Diana Eck, Fremont, USA makes the challenges of religious diversity vivid, visible, and accessible for discussion. For more information, please see: www.pluralism.org/fremontusa/ or download the order form. 57 minutes total running time.
  • GLOBAL ONENESS PROJECT. Global Oneness Project is a web-based video initiative exploring how the simple notion of oneness can be lived in our increasingly complex world. They offer a video library of interviews with creative and courageous people who base their lives and work on the fundamental understanding that we are all connected and thus bear great responsibility for each other and our shared world. Films are available for free from our website or on DVD for events and educational use. By showing the diverse ways oneness is expressed—in the fields of sustainability, conflict resolution, spirituality, art, economics, indigenous culture, and social justice— they hope others will be inspired to create solutions to personal and community challenges from their own lived understanding of oneness. The Global Oneness Project is a special project of Kalliopeia Foundation, a private grant-making foundation in northern California committed to honoring the unity at the heart of life’s rich diversity.
    The Arizona Interfaith Movement announces a new Golden Rule website at GoldenRuleAZ.org, celebrating cities, individuals, and programs that advance the Golden Rule in our communities in Arizona. Flagstaff, AZ is the newest Golden Rule City in Arizona. They welcome your sending Golden Rule articles, and stories to include here as well.  Just email Anne at annetaylor@interfaitharizona.com
    The Golden Rule was the theme of the 2011 NAIN Connect, and resources for using the Golden Rule in different contexts are multiplying on the web. Scarboro Missions offers a art lesson plan for using the Golden Rule with young people: "What would the world be like if every person lived according to the Golden Rule?. And take a look at the Golden Rule section of the website of Dr. Jeffrey Wattles, one of the foremost Golden Rule scholars in the world.
    A seven-minute video centering on the "Golden Rule" in traditions from Ancient Egyptian to Zoroastrian is available on YouTube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Ci613QcC5E . The video was produced by the Humanity Healing Network, a "Healing Project with No Denomination."
  • GUIDELINES FOR GROUP VISITS TO HOUSES OF WORSHIP. Scarboro Missions (the people who publish posters of the "Golden Rule" in different religious traditions) is proud to announce the addition of a useful resource to its interfaith website. Visiting houses of worship of other faith traditions is one of the most effective ways to learn about other religions. This set of comprehensive guidelines provides all the necessary information for making a group visit a wonderful cultural, religious and educational experience. The guidelines were written by JW Windland, a highly respected multifaith educator with 40 years of experience in visiting houses of worship. Go to: www.scarboromissions.ca/Interfaith_dialogue/group_visit_guidelines.php
  • INTERACTIVE MAP OF FAITH GROUPS. Faith Map is an interactive tool created by Faith in Public Life, which touts itself as a "resource center for justice and the common good." Its website provides a wealth of information, including the new Mapping Faith. The searchable Mapping Faith database allows individuals to locate leading faith advocates for justice and the common good. Users can sort diverse leaders and organizations by geography, policy specialization, and faith affiliation. They have currently mapped 2522 organizations in 45 states, but they continue to build their database on a daily basis. They encourage people to submit the names of organizations not yet listed.
    Common Tables, which provides a way for individuals to connect with others from different relgious traditions to share meals and discussion, is now offering "E-Lerts." A free subscription to “Interfaith eLerts” brings you a series of emails which arrive just before, and briefly explain the significance of, many of the world’s primary holy days. (Included are observances from the Baha'i, Buddhist, Christian, Confucian, Daoist, Hindu, Islamic, Jain, Jewish, Neopagan, Shinto, Sikh, and Zoroastrian traditions.) To sign up, go to www.commontables.org/elerts.html
  • INTERFAITH FILM FESTIVAL. The inaugural convening of the InterFaith Film Festival showcases a wide spectrum of content, varying from home-made videos to professionally filmed, edited, and produced short films; and amidst this, there is a diverse texture of music videos, documentaries, slideshows, Power Point shows, and additional formats. Included are short film contributions respectively from many different religious traditions, including: Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, the Baha'i, and Paganism. You can find the InterFaith Film Festival on YouTube at www.youtube.com/ifff2011ce
    The Harvard Pluralism Project has released a pilot study of emerging interfaith efforts across the US. America’s Interfaith Infrastructure: An Emerging Landscape is the web-based result of this study, incorporating quantitative and qualitative analysis of interfaith initiatives in twenty American cities. The promising practices, leadership profiles, case studies, stories, and maps from these cities reveal a kaleidoscope of individuals and communities who engage with one another to tackle issues of social import, invite each other to share in acts of hospitality, and learn from one another about the traditions and inspirations that bring them to a common table.
    The Journal of Inter-Religious Dialogue is pleased to announce the launch of its website, www.irdialogue.org. The Journal is a forum for academic, social, and timely issues affecting religious communities around the world. It is designed to increase the quality and frequency of interchanges between religious groups and their leaders through its free peer reviewed Journal and online forums. Ultimately, the Journal seeks to build an inter-religious community of scholars, in which people of different traditions learn from one another and work together for the common good. Its content will include articles on the theological underpinnings of inter-religious work, best practices of organizations on college campuses and in the non-profit sector, and direct engagement of the difficult issues that religious leaders face in their interactions with one another. For more information, please contact Hannah McConnaughay, Publicity Editor for the Journal, via e-mail (outreach@irdialogue.org) or telephone (717-512-8112).     
  • LISTEN MEDIA. From its origins in the Earth Religions Community in Southeast Virginia, Listen Media has grown to encompass the wider interreligious dialogue. The LISTEN acronym stands not only for "Living In Spiritual Tolerance, Enlightenment and Nonviolence," but also describes the essential element for interfaith relations, that we LISTEN to each other. LISTEN Media seeks to foster mutual respect and understanding between diverse faith groups by serving as an information, education and networking resource to the spiritual community.
  • MAKING HOUSE CALLS? A visit to a religious community's gathering place can be a wonderful opportunity for getting to know others and their religious tradition. Scarboro Missions has added some comprehensive guidelines for visiting houses of worship of various faiths, authored by renowned Canadian multifaith educator, JW Windland. The document contains an abundance of tips on arranging visits to houses of worship. Please feel free to forward this link and announcement through your communities and networks for use in newsletters, bulletin boards, websites, mailing lists, list-serves, blogs, Facebook pages, twitter, etc.
  • PARLIAMENT WEBINARS. Watch previous Webinars from the Parliament of the World's Religions on such topics as "Speaking Prophetically Through the Press," "Engaging through Multimedia," "Interfaith Social Media," and "Contemplatives in Conversation." These videos and more can be found on the Parliament website.
  • PBS INTERFAITH DOCUMENTARIES AVAILABLE AT DISCOUNT. The Interfaith Relations Commission of the National Council of Churches is offering two PBS Documentaries at a discount to help local churches, synagogues, mosques and other organizations for public showing and stimulating dialogue. The films include: Three Faiths, One God: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Jews and Christians: A Journey of Faith. A guide with additional written material is also available for each film. For more information, see the NCC Interfaith Relations website..To order or for more details, please write to Sarosh Koshy: skoshy@ncccusa.org.
  • PEW REPORT ON RELIGION IN AMERICA. The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life just published an updated version of the U.S. Religious Landscape Study, a comprehensive analysis of religious affiliation and practice in the U.S. At their website, you can find the full report, along with tools to learn about affiliations, maps of religious groups, and comparisons among groups: religions.pewforum.org.
  • RELIGION VIDEOS FROM CBS. CBS News offers a number of video presentations on issues of interest for interreligious work. Among the topics included are "Religion & Spirituality in a Changing Society," which looks at the shifts in attitude towards religion and spirituality and what this means for religious institutions; "Working for Religious Freedom," a look at new challenges facing our country when it comes to the rights of religious minorities to practice their faith with dignity and without fear; "Food, Faith and Culture," examining the relationship between food and faith in the Jewish, Sikh and Islamic faith traditions; and "Hindus, Zoroastrians, Baha'is," on the beliefs and rituals of these three lesser-known religions. You can find them all online at CBS News.
  • RELIGIOUS ETIQUETTE GUIDES . The Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding in New York, a secular, non-sectarian organization supporting religious peacemakers through education, inclusive workplace policies and practices, conflict resolution, and special programs, offers several guides to religious etiquette, including how to address religious leaders, entering sacred spaces, and visiting religions homes. Find them at tanenbaum.org/tanenbaum-resources/
  • SACRED SOUNDS Sacred music is performed all year long around the Bay Area, but it can be difficult to find . Now choral music lovers can go to a website listing Bay Area concerts –www.chorusconcert.info. Happy listening!
  • SCRIPTURAL REASONING. Scriptural Reasoning (SR) is a tool for inter-faith dialogue whereby people of different faiths come together to read and reflect on their scriptures. Unlike many forms of inter-faith engagement, it is not about seeking agreement but rather exploring the texts and their possible interpretations across faith boundaries, and learning to ‘disagree better’. The result is often a deeper understanding of others' and one’s own scriptures, as well as the development of strong bonds across faith communities. SR is now practised globally, including in places affected by religion-related tensions and conflict. For more information, visit www.scripturalreasoning.org/
    Scarboro Missions is proud to announce the publication of the Spanish-language version of the Golden Rule Poster. The four-color poster maintains the same design as the English version and is 22 x 29 inches in size. The poster features the Golden Rule - scripturally and symbolically - in 13 religions. This poster has achieved international renown as an educational and interfaith resource. The Scarboro Missions website provides lots of free educational resources for using the poster. The link to those resources is   www.scarboromissions.ca/Golden_rule/ The poster will be a very effective interfaith tool among Spanish-speaking peoples around the world. The poster is available from two distributors:
    1. Pflaum Publishing (Ohio) toll-free 1-800-543-4383 service@pflaum.com
    2. Orbis Books/Maryknoll Productions (New York) toll-free 1-800-258-5838 bprice@maryknoll.org.  
  • TEACHING ABOUT RELIGION. Teaching About Religion is a website designed to assist teachers of middle grades and secondary level history and social science programs in their handling of religion as curricular subject matter. You can find resources, training materials and position papers on issues of teaching about religion in a pluralistic context.
  • A TIBETAN LAMA DOING MUSIC VIDEO? You are certainly familiar with the Dalai Lama, but did you know there are several other Lamas held in high esteem among Tibetan Buddhists. One of these is the Sakyong "Earth Protector" Lama, Jamgön Mipham Rinpoche. He has bridged East and West, is a poet, artist, author of Turning the Mind into an Ally, and Ruling Your World, and marathon runner. His music video "What About Me?" is well worth a look at YouTube. His website is at www.sakyong.com.
  • WALKING GOD'S PATHS is a six-session process to stimulate candid conversation between Jewish and Catholic Christian congregations. Produced by the Center for Christian-Jewish Learning at Boston College (USA) on behalf and with the oversight of the National Council of Synagogues and the Bishops’ Committee on Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, it is now made available free online through special arrangement with the Council of Centers on Jewish-Christian Relations. This free online series consists of 15-minute discussion-starting videotapes and a detailed online User’s Guide containing dialogue questions and resources. Participants will experience each tradition’s understanding of how it walks God’s path and how the two faith communities could relate to one another in positive ways.
  • "WEBELIEVE2"- FAITH-SHARING GAME. webelieve2 is an interfaith board game, developed as a way for folks to come together to learn about one another's beliefs, hopes and dreams. It has been used in Interfaith Cafe gatherings in Southern California and other interfaith settings to stimulate conversation and develop deeper relationships. You can find out more about the game or purchase it from Amazon.

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